Fast Dispatch: Beavers, Coyotes and Trump! Oh my!

The past week has brought us some surprises…

And the more mundane…

In other words, Trump dominated the bias and news cycles for the last week, over the Christmas holiday.

Beaver-Driven Global Warming

Remember last week’s report about Puerto Rican Honey Bees?

This week brings Beaverpogenic Global Warming.  In a nutshell, beavers are building dams, which are defrosting the formerly-permafrost.  Releasing carbon as the bio-matter can now decay.  Apparently cows (a significant contributor to global warming filed under “human” because we raise them) and humans are no longer the only culprits.  (And don’t forget that Mars is also suffering global warming… although that is a different globe.)


Urban hunting of coyotes has sparked a debate over whether human city dwellers should allow the intrusion of these indigenous creatures.  Their appearance here seems mostly fortuitous, in that the city hunting, the formal coyote hunting season, coyote social media (howling) and some studies on their behavior made minor news at the same time.

Fake News Or Trump vs The Press

For the third consecutive week, this has been a top topic, as the media looks back at the year and forward to the next one.   And now the media is blaming the Russians for fake news.  Not that this is new news… see Wired, GQ, etc

When reading these articles, apply the Reality Dispatch slogan, “Because Facts Still Matter.”  Does the article:

(“Pew Research Center studied the first 60 days of Trump’s presidency and found that 62 percent of mainstream (more on that later) coverage of the administration reached “negative assessments.”

That compares with 20 percent negative coverage during Barack Obama’s first two months, and 28 percent during Bill Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s first two months.”)

The continued misleading news isn’t helping the media’s case.  Today, Newsweek had to report on itself after getting called out for a headline falsely accusing Melania Trump of “demanding” to cut down a historic Jackson Magnolia tree.  In reality, arborists made that call as the tree was already largely dead.

Foreign Policy

Last week we reported on the media listing some Trump successes.  As the year closes, they’re doing full retrospectives, including listing the defeat of ISIS as a win for Trump and being a bit less negative on his foreign policy choices.

Foreign Policy was in the top for another reason: The reduction of funding of the U.N. by USD$285 Million.  One stated reason for this: The warning Trump gave the U.N. and the subsequent vote by the U.N. on the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


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