Fast Dispatch: End of 2017, Start of 2018, same old or brand new?

The End of 2017 and the 2018 New Year brought… Trump.  Trump on Fake News , Trump on Haters, Trump on North Korea (and the oil smuggling), Trump on 2017, Trump on 2018.

Enough about Trump?

Not much else of significant note happened, as everyone was on holiday.  There were some unexpected items trending:

The only bit of Trump we’ll cover today is some updates on…


The only reason this trended is New Year’s.  Several significant parties made the news for being institutions (i.e. the media attends them yearly), and several major “Inhibition Prohibition” parties.  The history of prohibition and colorful characters is common at this time of year.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

We covered the cold in the last Fast Dispatch.  And that CNN’s Chris Cillizza would rather than offense than laugh at an obvious joke.  In the intervening time, as expected, it got colder10°F (-12°C) in Times Square.  But, with the exception of sharking freezing to death, this only makes the news because the news largely comes out of New York City and is narcissistic.

Fake News (again?!)

Half of Americans believe the media makes stuff up.  Trump is still railing about Fake News, while the media doubles-down against him.  President Trump now has both a trophy and a point.  The media has been far more – three times more – critical of Trump than of Obama.  How you view it will depend on your biases – do you approve or disapprove of Trump, and do you believe that the media should unbiased?   And does the phrase “Fake News” bother you (see below), when these disproportionate errors could merely be hasty mistakes?

The reported top three nominees for the “Fake News” trophy:

  1. ABC News “MISTAKENLY” reported that candidate Trump directed Michael Flynn to make contact with Russian officials before the election.
  2. CNN “MISTAKENLY” reported that candidate Donald Trump and his son Donald J. Trump, Jr. had access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks.
  3. TIME “MISTAKENLY” reported that President Trump removed a bust of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office.

The media is excusing those by pointing out that they were later “corrected”… but the corrections did not get the coverage of the initial errors.  And they are largely reacting as if this was a comprehensive list, despite it leaving out the Steele Dossier coverage, USA Today quoting a parody twitter feed as a news source, with the now famous quote, ““Donald Trump minister of nuclear weapons Richard Perry known as governor of Texas province, famed for its production of tacos and bumpkins.”,  the Washington Post photographer Dave Weigel tweeting a photo of a mostly empty arena, claiming it to be Trump’s rally, despite it indeed being “packed to the rafters“, and CNN’s Thomas Frank incorrectly tying Anthony Scaramucci to a Russian investment fund.  And many more.

It doesn’t help the left’s case that now Universities are banning the term “fake news.”  Because, if you can’t win the debate, shut it down.

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