Fast Dispatch: The Media Oscars, The Media vs Trump, The Pope vs Fake Media… and a bit of news.

A few new stories hit the scopes, while the previous chart-topping stories continue to evolve…

Topics that are still monopolizing the cycle:

We covered these last time, so will only do some quick updates this time.

The Oscars

Reality Dispatch doesn’t cover entertainment news, except when it collides with other issues.  This year’s Oscar Nominations are, so far, hitting the frequency but not the bias and prejudice meters, excepting some #metoo drama.  Other than that,

Trump vs CNN’s “Crazy Jim” Acosta

CNN’s Jim Acosta has been attacking President Trump for a while, even getting kicked out of  a briefing for interrupting and asking a racist question.

Acosta battled, and was smacked down by, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders over what she said was “purposefully” putting out false information.  He claims that she then threatened his press access if he continued his behavior… which he considers “intimidation.”

The White House could probably legally bar Acosta… as long as it doesn’t bar CNN.

A year ago Trump called Acosta “fake news”, well before CNN won the Fake News awards with four of eleven issues.  Jim’s response: “Trump is the king of Fake News.

But none of this is new… as in from this week.  (Last week is so yesterday!)  What is new is how Acosta handled the Shutdown and the Shutdown of the Shutdown:

Trump called out Acosta at the end of the shutdown

and gave him the moniker “Crazy Jim.”  Reports suggest that Trump shouldn’t have thanked Acosta for his honesty; he was merely reporting other peoples’ reactions.

The Pope vs Fake News

The Catholic Pope’s World Day of Communication message attacked “Fake News” as a “sign of intolerant and hypersensitive attitudes, and leads only to the spread of arrogance and hatred.”  He called the Serpent’s messages to Adam “Fake News”, and said that journalists “must search for the truth.

DACA and the Shutdown

Schumer is taking a lot of blame from both sides for:

DACA didn’t have a near-term deadline, because the administration hasn’t challenged the order to restart processing applications.  And 58% of Democrats were against shutting down the government over DACA Dreamers.

The FBI Scandal

There’s little new in the last two days. See here for our recap.  The new:

The Super Bowl

The barrage of hate for the Patriots that we mentioned last time has died down, leaving the normal annual Super Bowl build-up.   Super Bowl advertisements are also in the news both positively, and negatively, as are the usual bets on who will win.  And the ratings… despite Kaepernick’s disastrous impact as a quarterback (Blaine Gabbert had a better win-loss record in the same season with the same team, and wins is really all that matters), the NFL is  doubling-down on combining social justice with sports-entertainment in a new campaign.  (Keep in mind that Reality Dispatch determined Kaepernick did not reduce NFL ratings.)

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  1. Kaepernick — is it only just about him or the SJNFL Warriorss (Social Justice National Football League) warriors he “triggered.”

    Isn’t the reason the XFL is being resurrected is because of the SJNFL? Or is that trend just not surfacing in your heuristics?

    • I suspect, as RD pointed out, people have been growing tired of the NFL for quite some time. For instance, I don’t remember so many games going down to the last minute as they have been the last several years. Blame it on bad officiating, complex rules, whatever. Those types of topics will likely not be written about and therefore not show up in any news analyzers (how can they analyze something that isn’t there). To me, that is the elephant in the room: the things the press does not talk about.

  2. Why don’t the Fast Dispatches emphasize their date ranges in the topic list?
    After all, they are all mostly time/date sensitive.

    Why are the images so large?

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