Fast Dispatch: Flying Safe, Shutting Down, Frisky Agents and the Super Bowl

The Reality Dispatch heuristics have found some fun and odd stories such as Beaverpogenic Global Warming and the Puerto Rican hurricane putting honeybees closer to extinction.  There’s nothing like that this time.  The least political item still involves Patriots.

The Shutdown

The big news for the weekend and Monday was:

The quick-turnaround appears to be because the Democrats realized that America saw them shutting down the U.S. Government, pausing U.S. benefits, to protect chain migration… that is, putting potential immigrants over Americans.  Which didn’t Play in Peoria.

Super Bowl

Reality Dispatch doesn’t “do” sports, but this made it past both the news and (lack-of) bias filters.

The Eagles beat the Vikings, which is apparently quite surprising.  They will face the apparently-universallyhated Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

So why is it here?  Because people really hate the Patriots.  Our heuristics picked up on the frequency and the… errrr… “passion.”

Fly The Safe Skies

Last year, nobody died in a commercial passenger flight.  That’s unusual.  As in, it hasn’t happened on record before.

However, it didn’t make the news… except for a few news agencies to trumpet that President Trump wasn’t the reason, responding to a tweet of his where he mentioned both that he’s been hard on them and that there were no fatalities, but not explicitly taking credit.

Since taking office I have been very strict on Commercial Aviation. Good news – it was just reported that there were Zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!

Keep in mind that Tweets are very short.  There isn’t much nuance you can apply in a tweet.  He may have been connecting these without claiming credit… which would be incorrect, as there hasn’t been a U.S. airline fatality since 2009.  (More biased source.)  But that tweet does not explicitly claim credit.

Reality Dispatch doesn’t see President Trump as having been “strict on Commercial Aviation“:

What struck us odd about this is, the media did not celebrate the lack of deaths.  Instead, they focused on a way to attack President Trump about it and otherwise they ignored it.


Congress has been investigating the FBI’s anti-Trump and pro-Clinton bias.  The FBI appears to have been involved in the discredited Steele Dossier, having arranged to pay for something they claimed was independent.  Selective leaks have also damaged the FBI reputation.  And the FBI agents sending the anti-Trump texts also eroded any image of propriety.

The new news is that the FBI failed to retain five months of those text messages.

And lastly, the FBI is in the news again, for trying to be King Makers.

FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page:

At Reality Dispatch, Facts Still Matter.  As does impartiality. The Atlantic has no such standard, and is justifying Strzok despite his bias and actions.


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