Fast Dispatch: Korea, North Carolina and DACA

We appear to be back to a Trump-centric news cycle.

Korea Credits Trump

Some analysts had warned that President Trump’s bombastic tweets were putting us closer to war with North Korea, while Trump tweeted regularly that those “experts” were idiots. Now South Korean President Moon Jae-in has given President Trump “big credit” for pushing the harder line and getting North Korea to engage in talks.

Reality: Do a search for articles claiming Trump was pushing us towards war.  And then one for articles mentioning that South Korea credited Trump for the talks.  With one surprising exception, the first list starts with far-left media and the second with mostly moderate media.  Ideally, in an unbiased world, there should be either more overlap or fewer publications on the wrong side of last month’s history.

DACA shutdown blocked

Judge William Alsup of the Federal District Court in California blocked the DACA shutdown.

Judge Alsup has already taken “unusual moves” in being an activist to protect DACA, testifying to SCOTUS about his discovery orders in December on this same issue.

Do non-citizens have Constitutional Rights?

Yes, some. They cannot vote, but Zadvydas vs. Davis in 2001 ruled that the due process clause applies. And in 2008, the Boumediene v. Bush case about Guantanamo Bay detentions ruled that enemy combatants held at a U.S. military base are entitled to Consitutional Protections. In U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark, an 1898 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the term “person” under the Fifth Amendment applied to aliens living in the U.S.

In short, the Constitution protects everyone on U.S. soil or bases.

North Carolina Gerrymanders Blocked

Gerrymandering is the drawing of electoral districts to ensure a certain outcome.  The party-in-charge at the time of census, which is what triggers redrawing the districts, tends to try to protect its majority.

Several states have been in the news for suits over gerrymandering, but this week we got a rulingNorth Carolina has been ordered to reduce the disparity that Republicans put in place.

Wisconsin also has a suit against Republican gerrymandering, while Republicans filed a similar suit against Democrats in Maryland, which will be heard by the Supreme Court this term.

Democrats and Republicans see this the same way… they just object when the other party does it:

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