Fast Dispatch: That book, that wall, those globes and… Sweden?

Now that the holidays are over, the real news is back.  Nothing particularly strange popped up on the heuristics this time.

Fire and Fury Fake?

The big news of the week was the release of Michael Wolff’s new anti-Trump exposé, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.  What you need to know:

Stockholm Subway Explosion

A man was killed in a Stockholm subway after picking up a hand grenade.  This is suspected to be organized crime (i.e. gangs) rather than terrorism.  Swedish police cite an increase in the use of hand grenades by criminal groups within the country.

Fencing in DACA

Trump had announced support for DACA while at the same time putting an end-date on the unconstitutional funding for it.

It is the linking of the wall to DACA that is causing the current issue.

Weinstein and those “Globes”

No, Weinstein didn’t win a Golden Globe.  Some of the #metoo might for best dramatic fiction.

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