Racing Meghan Markle

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But also follows the news trends. And for the past three weeks, Meghan Markle “news” has dominated the international pages and touched topics does cover. So, with apologies to our readers, and a promise that you won’t find us keeping up with the Kardashians,…

What You Need To Know

(Well, nothing really… but…)

The two recent incidents are below.  Meghan has stayed out of the fray, even as they were about her.

Background: Who Is Meghan Markle (And Why Do We Care?)

The Offensive Brooch

Just before Christmas 2017, Princess Michael of Kent greeted Meghan while wearing what many considered to be a racist brooch.

The Racist Girlfriend

And now to why we had to cover this, as a timeline.

Nobody appears to have clean hands here.  Jo’s texts were bad, Tatiana appears to be lying about the relationship status given when she moved and her claim to be breastfeeding a two year old, and the heads of political parties cannot generally date women less than half their age, nor hang around racists.  But it also doesn’t impact American news and politics, other than being a trending topic.

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