Is “Fake News” ever unrelated to Trump? Ask CNN.

Reality Dispatch hasn’t focused on “Fake News” much, beyond pointing out the facts.  This is for the same reason we haven’t focused on #metoo, microagressions or other agenda-driven topics. These are areas where the facts don’t matter as much as screaming the loudest and claiming to be the most victimized.

Fake News is a problem; the media seems to be biased in what they make “mistakes” on.  A correction never carries the impact of a headline.  Plus the lines are blurry; The View calling Christianity a mental illness is probably not “Fake News.”  It isn’t fair or objective, but it isn’t news either – they’re not breaking a new story.  The Romans and the Pharisees, believed this 2000 years ago.

Because “Fake News” seemed focused mostly on President Trump, Reality Dispatch hadn’t done a careful analysis of which media source is the worst offender.  Washington Post has been pretty biased as have The New York Times, ABC, Newsweek…however, CNN usually topped the list of fake news

But CNN surprised us in the last week with two whoppers:

The Aetna Hit Piece

On February 11th, CNN reported that Aetna’s former medical director  Dr. Jay Ken Iinuma “…admitted under oath he never looked at patients’ records when deciding whether to approve or deny care.”  On February 13th, Dr. Iinuma provided a sworn statement as clarification of his deposition quoted by CNN and stating that his responses were taken out of context.  This clarification covered his process in determining whether coverage should be granted or denied. It also clarified that the “medical records” that they say he denied reviewing was his response with regard to the entire patient’s history, usually referred to as medical records (which can be significant when covering many years or decades).  Dr. Iinuma stated that he “generally would have reviewed the portion of the patients’ medical record…that was relevant to my evaluation.”

This “exposé” by CNN arose due to a lawsuit against Aetna by a member who was denied pre-qualifaction for a treatment.  That treatment was denied due to a request for a medical test by Aetna as the previous test was three years prior for a different provider, and the patient failing to do so.  This exposé was also conveniently published just days before the trial was to begin.

Aetna noted on its website that they have paid for each and every treatment the individual suing Aetna has received since he first submitted a claim under his health plan in 2014 and that he remains an Aetna member today, and they continue to pay for his treatments.

CNN may revise a portion of their allegations in the future, but it won’t make the headlines with the same strength and broad reach of accusation.

Aetna also posted in response to CNN’s story, “Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story…”  Something we at Reality Dispatch believe as well (as noted on our masthead “Facts Still Matter”).

Ted Cruz Afraid of Interviewing?

This same week… CNN accused Senator Ted Cruz of being afraid to be on the network though he did provide an interview that day (which they have not aired).

CNN says the accusation was in response to Cuomo’s request early on 2/15/18 for Cruz to appear on New Day “to be tested about how to stop these shootings. They [Florida Governor Rick Scott, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz] declined.”  Catherine Frazier, a senior communications advisor for Sen. Cruz, tweeted “I’ll also note we weren’t even invited on New Day until 8:11am, 39 minutes [corrected to 49 minutes] before the show ends. What a nice heads up before being gratuitously criticized on air.”

CNN is reportedly going to air the Cruz interview during an episode of “The Situation Room”.

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