Fast Dispatch 22 Feb: Who Hates Whom?

The Florida shooting still dominates the news, with the focus on the guns, bump-stocks and gun control.  And there have been some new topics hitting our scopes.  But the big news has been… who hates whom?

The top new items:

Hate Groups (including the SPLC)

The term “hate groups” has the same problem as “hate crimes”; it is too asymmetrical, in that groups or speech preying on or advocating against the “dominant” culture are never considered “hate.”  The Southern Poverty Law Center has a list defining “hate groups” that includes the Republicans and the Center for Immigration Studies.  The SPLC considers the Family Research Council, a group for traditional values (including the traditional definition of marriage) to be a hate group for being anti-LGBT due to those beliefs.  In turn, many moderates and conservatives consider the SPLC itself to be a hate group.  Given that the SPLC is doing the attacking and advocating,   considers the SPLC to be the hate group.

The SPLC is also remarkably illiterate – or biased – considering the influence they wield.  Note their “10 Ways Trump Attacked Civil Rights“, all of which are characterizations of reality.   (If it’s not clear how each and every one of those is false, tune in for a future post… it’s too long for this one.)  Someone not fully supporting you is not the same as someone attacking you.

So the term “hate group” really isn’t all that helpful.  It’s a leftist “dog whistle.” That all said…

The KKK is in the news for declining membership, while apparently other “hate groups” are on the rise… but as defined by that same biased SPLC.  And, Twitter banned white nationalist Jared Taylor, who has in turn sued Twitter.

Meanwhile, Germany has been trying to crush hate speech.  In Germany, that includes Holocaust Denial (which is a significant problem there.)

The law is called the “NetzDG Law“, or “Network Enforcement Act” (English copy here) but much as the SPLC’s labels in the U.S., is primarily attacking the right.  And satire. But, in this case, with the power to force deletion.  Twitter, for example, is shutting down half of the opinions.  Unlike the U.S., the left also has come out against censorship in Germany.  (We have some great Tweets on this, but if you don’t read German, they’re of limited use.  English article here.)

The biggest problem with NetzDG is that the companies must respond within 24 hours… which doesn’t leave room for discussion as to whether the reported violation is even real.  Not terribly different from #metoo or other social movements, where an accusation can sink a company or career quickly… but in this case with government force behind it also.

Why You Care

“Hate Group” and “Hate Speech” sound so damning.  Follow some of these links, read some of the discussions, and you may consider these labels to be just slanderous terms; they don’t have an actual definition.  The SPLC might be a fake authority used by the far left to shut down discussion by calling anything they disagree with “hate.”

The other reason you care: censorship, including by lists such as the SPLC’s, lead to violence and extremism.


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    As the media has focused on leveraging the Parkland shooting into gun control (look for an analysis on that soon) and #metoo into SJW changes, our heuristics… which do screen for recent duplication… have found more analysis than top-level news needing correcting.

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