Fast Dispatch: More Memos? More Abuse? More sex!!!!

Sex (and another Memo) dominated the bias-news.  There is another possible shutdown… but uncharacteristically, articles about it have not been triggering our bias-detectors.


The Democrats have crafted a ten-page response to that much shorter (four-page) Republican memo detailing that the FBI and DOJ violated the law for the FISA warrants.  Democrats tried everything to block the GOP memo, but the GOP has so far unanimously approved releasing the Democrat memo. The White House has stated it is in favor of releasing this memo also, despite it being the Democrat one.  One of these sides appears to be for transparency!

The rebuttal memo being more than twice as long may pose several issues:

  • It’s not really “fair” in that they’re writing a novel to rebut a few sentences.
  • With 250% as many words, they have a higher risk of both falsehoods and security risks.

Rob Porter

 doesn’t really cover social movements.  #metoo included, except when it makes other news.  We also don’t cover minor personnel changes.  But the resignation of White House staff secretary Rob Porter, often considered a rising star, combines the Trump revolving door with the #metoo sensitivity to female disempowerment.

Chief of Staff John Kelly acknowledged he and other top aides supposedly knew of the alleged abusive behavior yet did nothing to remove him from the staff.  This has Democrats calling for the removal of Kelly also.

Why You Care: This is now thirty-seven resignations or firings under Trump in a year, a new Presidential record.  Constant churn is bad for morale and productivity.

Olympic Sex

Because they’re rare (every four years), the Olympics always make the news.  In 2014, in Sochi, Russia, the Olympics also made the news for the indiscriminate sex the athletes were having.     Those 20-something super-fit super-attractive over-achievers have a lot of sex with each-other when away from the protection from chaperones and reporters.

So how does the media sensationalize this old news?  They count condoms!  110,000 condoms have been supplied to this years’ Olympic athletes! That averages 37 condoms per person.  Though this does pale in comparison to the 450,000 distributed during the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

Not everyone with a sex scandal at the Russian Olympics was an athlete… given his recent #metoo problems and marital problems, you must be shocked to learn that Matt Lauer had a sex scandal there.

And not every communicable disease at the Olympics is an STD: a norovirus outbreak has also hit the Winter Olympics.  Just 24 hours before the opening ceremonies the official tally of cases was 128, no athletes yet.  The new Prophylactic of the Olympics:  Ivory soap.

Band Flute Camp

It’s not American Pie, but Bradley Garner, the flute instructor who made the University of Cincinnati into a flute powerhouse, has been accused of sexual improprieties including unwanted advances and videotaping liaisons with students.

The Wildacres Flute Retreat, which runs a summer flute camp, is standing behind Garner despite the allegations.

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