Daily 2018-03-14: The Sky Is (Not) Falling, but the Middle Kingdom Is

The Sky

The Earth is about to be hit by a huge magnetic storm disrupting communications, caused by “cracks” in the magnetic field. Oh, wait, no it isn’t.  It was a communication error.

Interestingly, Mercury isn’t in Retrograde (meaning it doesn’t appear to move backwards in the sky, therefore causing communications havoc due to Mercury being the god of communications) until March 23rd this year.  So the communications error wasn’t caused by that.

Especially since the Spring Equinox is March 20th, signaling a new beginning (and season), closing off the old.

Busy time astrologically.

Why You Care

You can still make that important cell phone call.  And it’s interesting.  Check out the NOAA Space Weather Page (and for the 14-15 of March):

And no, there’s no real reason to care about that either.  Nor about Mercury in Retrograde or the equinox, except to entertain your less grounded friends or to celebrate the coming warmth of Spring.

The Middle Kingdom

China, aka The Middle Kingdom (Zhongguo, or “Central” prior to the European mistranslation) has been in the news frequently this year.  This time it’s because President Xi Jinping is consolidating power.

Chairman Mao ruled China for decades, bringing both modernism and totalitarianism.  Mao died in 1976.  In 1982 leader Deng Xiaoping “reformed” China, including putting a two-consecutive-term limit in place.  Xi is President, head of the military and head of the Communist Party (which is effectively the only relevant party in China) has just abolished those term limits.  As well as getting two other Constitutional Amendments: A political philosophy “Xi Jinping Thought”, and a new “National Supervisory Commission (NSC)” for investigating party members and civil servants.  These seem likely to lead to McCarthyism.

In an interesting call-back to the left’s protests of President Trump, who won a democratic election, we now also have Xi’s Not My President protests:

Another throw back to the Trump campaign, China’s parliament chairman, Zhang Dejiang, told delegates it was time to get behind Xi’s push to “make China great again”.

Why You Care

China is a world power, on par with the U.S., and instrumental in containing North Korea.  The reversal of the anti-corruption progress and the entrenchment of power is a bit scary.  Xi is only 64 years old, so he could continue to rule for a while.

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