Dispatch 2018-03-13: Fake Investigations, Real Climate Hero?

Here’s the news that matters for March 13th:

The GOP Finds Trump… Innocent

There is a bit more to this story than that, but it does smack of…


The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence announced yesterday that they found no evidence of collusion with Russia.  Technically, the “Majority” members found that, and will present it to the “Minority” members (the Democrats), who will almost certainly claim it’s a load of hooey.

Why You Care

We’ve covered this investigation quite a bit.  Start here and work your way back.  No evidence of collusion has been published so far.  Trump’s associates have fallen for other reasons, but not for those.  So just enjoy this as a bad soap opera.

Schwarzenegger vs Oil

Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he will sue “big oil” for murder over climate change.

Arnie is best know as either former Governor of California, as the unfaithful husband of Maria Shriver, Mr. Olympia or as the action hero in movies such as True Lies, Terminator, Running Man and Escape Plan.  He isn’t really known for climate science.

Why You Care

Mostly it’s a bit interesting.  And it pegs our bias detectors due to the media plus climate plus unfaithfulness.  But you may be wondering whether Schwarzenegger is just as full of hot air as the other actors pontificating about, well, hot air.  Perhaps, but perhaps not.  After all, Schwarzenegger is reportedly worth $400 Million!  He can afford to throw money at a law suit.

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