Down (Syndrome) is Down

Down Syndrome has been a significant news topic recently.  But not as a single topic; rather, it’s been multiple events and stories happening at about the same time.

The Breaking News Overview

Several things spurred this hitting the our review…

The Boy Scout Story

The Boy Scouts have stripped Down Syndrome member Logan Blythe of his badges and stopped his Eagle Scout project.  Logan’s dad Chad claims this is discrimination.  The Boy Scouts say they’re merely enforcing the rule that the process must be followed as written.

The problem is:

  • Logan simply cannot complete the requirements for the standard badges.
  • The local scouting organization allowed him to complete modified programs for the badges.
  • These were not approved by the national organization, which is in charge of Eagle Scouts.
  • The Eagle is the highest level of Boy Scout.

Interestingly, the media demonstrating bias by calling the National Boy Scouts‘ refusal to modify the requirements, “discrimination.”  That is a sign of what’s wrong with the media today.  It may not be sensitive or empathetic, but it is precisely a failure to discriminate.  As part of the post-truth era, the media has this backwards.

Crazy Socks!

John Cronin graduated high school at 21 with Down Syndrome.  He told his father he wanted to start a business, landing on selling crazy socks because he’d always worn crazy socks.  That was less than two years ago.

John’s Crazy Socks now has revenue over $1 Million… in less than two year.

Okay, this may not seem super news-worthy, but it’s in the news (see the top link) and is relevant to Down Syndrome… and making these connections is what our system is about.



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