Fast Dispatch 05 March: Delta vs The NRA – Reviewing Our Prognostications

Just a few days ago, Reality Dispatch made some prognostications about Delta vs the NRA.  Now is a good time to review them.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the mainstream media did that to themselves?   CNN would hide in embarrassment.

We stated:

What Actually Happened?

One side effect of the Georgia action is that the A.P. issued an op-ed grievance that this is blurring private business and public values.  As if the Second Amendment is a “private business” issue.  This makes no sense to those not in support of gun control… and would make no sense to gay marriage or abortion rights supporters were the roles reversed.  The left is significantly more hypocritical than the right.  Conservatives may not move with the times… that’s part of the definition… but they are at least consistent.

Boycotts Sometimes Work

This wasn’t the firmest of predictions.  Certainly the activists are bullying companies supporting the NRA.  Suddenly “bullying” is a virtue, as long as it’s for the right cause.

In related news… REI just cancelled orders from Camelbak (and, Bell bicycle helmets, Giro ski goggles… everything from Vista Outdoor) because the parent company owns Savage Arms, who though doesn’t make assault weapons, has not come out in favor of gun control.  (REI disingenuously calls it having “a clear plan of action.”)  That is bullying.  Camelbak may share a parent company with Savage, but they have different management.

But nobody expects fairness from REI.  Even by NorthWest standards, it’s hippy-dippy.  Really a great outdoor store, but the antithesis of Cabelas, which is 50% larger.  REI is the outdoor equipment equivalent of Whole Foods – the same stuff for 30% more money, but with less guilt.  If you can afford that first world problem.

Meanwhile, the far-left Epoch Times asks, “Why Is The NRA Boycott Working So Quickly?”  Except that this is really “Fake News”… it isn’t working at all.  But they have an interesting point… they’re counting the removed discounts as “working”, even though those make no real difference.  Their point is that activists are attacking the supply chain and the public images now, which is different.

The “backlash to the backlash” is already beginning… Second Amendment Supporters are boycotting the companies (such as REI above, and Delta) who snub their side.

In the long run, this will result in companies retreating again from the political space.  In the short term, expect tech and media to err on the “progressive” (loony-left) side and expect hard goods and manufacturing to err on the “conservative” (alt-right) side.  But the sole purpose of a company is to make money for the shareholders.  (REI is an exception; it is a co-op.)  The typical CEO wants to piss nobody off.  Nobody is running out to rent an extra car from Enterprise just because they detached from the NRA, but NRA members may indeed boycott them.  There’s no upside to a company taking a side.


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  1. That was very worthwhile read although it did not feel like a “fast dispatch.” Felt like a “coming up for air after a deep dive,” or whatever you want to call it.

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