Fast Dispatch: Kaepernick and STDs are Back. (No Relation.)

The Big Stories are…

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Kaepernick is Back in the News

Hoo Boy…

  • In the Republican primaries, Kaep (and Hillary) are linked to a GOP candidate as a sign of liberalism in another.
  • Kaep’s lawsuit moves forward.
  • GQ named Kaep one of the Citizen Of The Year, 2017.
  • And he’s still jobless.


Reality Dispatch has covered this in depth previously.  The salient points:

  • Kaepernick once was a good quarterback… for a few years.  Like all players, he had a sell-by date.  In the last two years before the controversy, his stats and team impact were pretty bad.
    • He did set a record for most single-game rushing yards in 2013.  But keep in mind that was five years ago.
  • He quit his job.  Expressed “no confidence” in a new coach, renegotiated his contract, and then opted-out.  Which demonstrates poor team spirit.  Why would you hire that?
  • He was (and still is) divisive, which isn’t the point of a football team.  The team needs minimal divisiveness for the fans, to maximize revenue base.
  • He was not expressing his First Amendment rights.  Any news, any organization (e.g. the NAACP) that claims he was is blatently lying to you.  There’s no way around this; they are spinning a falsehood that you’ve been indoctrinated to believe.
    • Nobody has a “right” to make someone else pay for their speech.  The teams absolutely have the right to control speech at a game by paid players.  And to evict anyone from the venue for any reason.
    • Oddly, the left doesn’t believe in a “Second Amendment Right” allowing gun ownership or carrying of guns into, e.g., schools.  Hypocritical much?
  • And now he hasn’t played for two years.  Athletes get rusty fast.

Read our previous posts for backing data.

He would have a better case if his most recent play had resulted in wins and if fans hadn’t expressed avoiding games because of him.

Kaepernick as Far Left Litmus

The media generally, including sports writers, lean further left than sports viewers as ESPN found outThis article is a great example:  it idolizes social justice protesting NFL players (as “WOKE”) and attributes part of their success to their activism.  It doesn’t mention discipline and teamwork.

In contrast, in Indiana, the GOP Primaries include Rep. Luke Messer, businessman Mike Braun and Rep. Todd Rokita. In a race to the right (not terribly different from the California races to the far left in the Democrat primaries), Rokita is proclaiming himself  “pro-life, pro-gun and pro-Trump”, and has put out an ad tying Messer to Kaepernick and Hillary Clinton:

Both sides of the aisle are using Kaepernick as a sign-post.

Kaep’s Collusion Lawsuit Against The NFL

We’ve covered this before; the pending lawsuit will be presided over by Stephen B. Burbank, a law professor at Penn Law, the league’s system arbitrator since 2011.  Mr. Burbank has jurisdiction of issues that relate to free agency and collusion.

GQ Person of the Year

At this rate, Kaep will be named an honorary Khardashian or Paris Hilton, more famous for being famous than for actually doing anything.

GQ named several “Men of the Year” for 2017.  Including Kaep, in their narrow “Citizen of the Year” award.  Who, you may recall, did nothing this year except protest on a prison and donate some money.

Despite the statistics, GQ trotted out the falsehood that Kaep is a better QB than most.  As we’ve shown, Kaep once was a great QB, but now is a mediocre has-been.

Still Not Signed

This doesn’t surprise Reality Dispatch; we forecast this months ago.  But it’s still news to the media… NFL Owners are “scared” to sign Kaepernick, according to some.  Because it can’t possibly be his disastrous last two years, huh?

STDs are back in the news

STDs aren’t generally in the news.  HIV is now largely “manageable“, safe sex is more common, promiscuity is down.  But…

These numbers don’t sound large, but because most infected people don’t know they’re infected, these were large enough to blanket the news.

Why Do You Care?

STDs are a pretty big deal.  HIV is still not curable, and Syphilis is especially easy to catch… not just from traditional and anal but also oral sex and even kissing.

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