Gymnastic Sex, Liars and Russian Tapes? Oh Dear Leader!

Russia and Liars

It seems like only two days ago that we presented a who’s who of the Russian case…

(European) lawyer Alex van der Zwaan has plead guilty to (repeatedly) lying to Investigator Robert Mueller about, well, everything.  Mueller also made the point to the judge that van der Zwaan destroys evidence.  This was specifically about meddling in the 2016 elections.

Previously, Mueller’s main accomplishment had been indicting Russians that he can’t actually arrest… they’re in Russia… for meddling while absolving Trump of collusion.  Which did not satisfy the Democrats.

Why do you care?

This may be a significant break for Mueller against the Trump campaign (although not Trump himself) in the Russian collusion case.  Or it may not be; nothing new has been found.  But it is the first person Mueller has managed to send to prison.  Or is at least is likely to, despite having unprecedented powers of investigation.

It’s another development in the soap opera.

The Gymnastic Sex Scandal

Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics doctor convicted of sexual abuse, is in the news again.  Michigan State University spent $500,000 tracking the social media accounts of the victims… i.e. stalking or spying… just in January.

Meanwhile, Michigan State University’s former dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine, William Derkey Strampel, has been arrested and charged with sexual harassment also.

Why do you care?

Sometimes the #metoo charges are real.

North Korean “Dear Leader Jr.” Secret Trip

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un made a secret visit to China yesterday.  This was his first known visit outside North Korea since becoming “Leader.”  And, being just ahead of his meeting President Trump, is considered important news.

Why do you care?

North Korea has nukes.  They didn’t have them a decade ago, but Obama’s incompetent policies allowed them to build them.  And now we have to deal with them.

On the one hand, President Trump’s approach to diplomacy has brought North Korea to the negotiating table, which was unexpected.  On the other hand, China is a North Korea supporter, and this may strengthen Kim Jong-un’s hand.

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