Politics… Leaks, Firings and Offendings

The big news in the last few days has been that:

  1. FBI Director Andrew McCabe was fired, days before he was eligible for retirement
  2. Facebook in trouble over elections and leaks again, due to…
  3. Enabling and then hiding the data theft by Cambridge Analytica.
  4. Hillary Clinton attacks… white women?

McCabe Fired… But by Whom?

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been fired, for lying.  In his response, he implied that FBI Director James Comey leaked sensitive data and lied to Congress.  Two days shy of being pension-eligible.  But the Democrats are offering him jobs so that he won’t lose his pension.  (In a sign of Bias, it was MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell who floated that idea.  At least MSNBC is open about their bias though.  We respect that.)

What you need to know

  • McCabe had only been at the FBI for 21 years.  You get a government pension after 21 years?
  • His statements about James Comey may put more focus on the Department of Justice in the Russian investigations, removing focus from Trump.
  • He presided over the Hillary Clinton email server investigation… which now appears to have covered up evidence.
  • He started the Trump Russia investigation… which hasn’t yet found much evidence.
  • His wife, Jill, is a Democratic senate candidate and close ally of Hillary Clinton.  He probably should have recused himself from both cases for appearance (regardless of fact) of prejudice.
  • He was fired for lying under oath. FBI “career officials” recommended firing him.
  • President Trump did not fire him.  The White House did not fire him.  Mr. Sessions fired McCabe.

There are two bottom lines.  The first is that the media is pushing a narrative that President Trump fired McCabe.  This is false.  Trump may have encouraged it, but he had no authority to cause it.

The second is that McCabe’s parting statements further weaken the credibility of the FBI Investigation.  Trump’s claim that the investigation was unfair is gaining traction.

Facebook’s Friends

After being exposed as being used by the Russians to influence the election, Facebook is in trouble again.   The media is spinning that Trump somehow stole the election, outsmarted Facebook and Zuckerberg, utilized the Russians and did all of this without leaving any evidence behind… but he did cheat gosh-darn-it.

Facebook’s crime this time because they didn’t acknowledge a leak, which Facebook knew about in 2015, until it became public.  Facebook didn’t suspend that account until the news was broken by the Guardian.

By not notifying users that their private data was leaked, Facebook violated California and other state laws.

The firm that took the data was…

Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica is a U.K. based political research firm.  It “harvested” data from Facebook about users… by paying them for it. Well, it paid Facebook members to take a personality test, but also collected their “friends” data… which of course the users had to acquiesce to under Facebook’s privacy controls.  Oddly, this is not being well reported.

Read that again: Facebook privacy controls prevent this, unless users agree to it.

Facebook is accusing Cambridge Analytica of violating the terms of use in using that data.

Which isn’t unusual.  This is completely normal, but suddenly frowned upon by the Democrats, who are calling it a “firm linked to President Donald Trump

Bias Example: That’s a stretch.  Cambridge Analytica is a political research firm.  Trump’s campaign being a customer does not form a particularly strong link.  The media doesn’t tend to describe FusionGPS as a “firm linked to the Clinton campaign”, but it is precisely the same thing.

Hillary Vs Women

Hillary was touring India when she stated the following:

“We don’t do well with married, white women,” due to “ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

We covered how Trump won a few months ago.  And it wasn’t white voters.  From our article

  • The white vote, by percentage, went less for Trump than it had for Romney.
  • The black vote, by percentage, went 50% more for Trump than for Romney.
  • 7% fewer blacks votes this time than previously.  Which cost over 1.8 million Clinton votes.

In other words, Hillary Clinton lost blacks, but got more whites, than Obama.

What You Need To Know

  1. Her remarks have been viewed as insulting of women
  2. Dissing the U.S., and the independence of American women, from India is uncouth
  3. As we show above, Hillary was factually incorrect about the problem
  4. The Democrats are appalled by her remarks

Why Do You Care?

This is coffee/water-cooler conversation.  Hillary is ensuring she can’t make a come-back.  But this isn’t important, just interesting.



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