The Democrats (kind-of) Win PA, Rolling Eyes…

A Win in for the Democrats, or is it?

Democrat Conor Lamb beat Saccone yesterday in what is being called a “squeaker.”  This was the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.  Which, ironically, will be gone soon due to a court case over gerrymandering. So in the autumn, Lamb will have to re-run in the 17th district, which is more Republican.  Democrats may be mourning that court win now.

The news isn’t that Lamb, the Democrat, won.  Despite the media trumpets, he was expected to win, by double digits.  Both sides claim Saccone was a terrible candidate, all the way down to his “porn stache“, while Lamb was moderate, ex-military, had been a successful Assistant U.S. Attorney and is, well, good looking.  It’s a sad commentary that their looks factor in, but there it is…

The news is:

  1. Lamb barely won.  By 627 votes from around 230,000 votes, or less than 1/3 of 1%
  2. Lamb is pro-gun and pro-life, both of which Democrats have stated are incompatible with being… Democrats.

It was less than a year ago that Tom Perez, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman (which means he is the person who can speak for the party) said “all Democratic candidates must support a woman’s right to choose.”  The Democrats haven’t made such strong statements on guns, but have been very vocal for gun control after selected shootings.

This has pundits wondering if the Democrats will restrain their race to the left in favor of moderation.  Reality Dispatch is betting against that; the Democrats are addicted to listening to the most hyperbolic victims, the loudest and the most melodramatic.  “Moderation” is not in their party plank.

Why You Care

This does get the Democrats closer to relevance in D.C. again.  They’re not there yet… this reduces the GOP margin from 24 to 23.  But since both parties vote as blocks, it’s still enough… until the mid-terms.  (At which point the Democrats should regain control of the House.  And then they’ll promptly throw it away for another decade with a pointless impeachment of Trump that won’t remove him.)

It also suggests that the Democrats have a problem, as they drift further left (pro-abortion, anti-gun, anti-military, and as the Sanctuary Cities suggest, anti-law) when their “surprise” victory is a pro-life pro-gun ex-military ex-U.S. Attorney.

Breaking the Chinese Internet

And in other news… yesterday we reported on China’s President Xi Jinping subverting their Constitution, removing term limits and putting thought-police McCarthyism in place.

Today, Liang Xiangyi broke the Chinese internet with an eyeroll when a “fawning” reporter asked a “fawning” 47-second question of the committee on these issues.  This went viral immediately (the eyeroll, not the CNN-like fake-question), becoming a meme and then becoming censored.

Yes, China censored an eyeroll.  And the name Liang Xiangyi.

Why You Care

Well, mostly because it’s funny.  Totalitarianism isn’t always easy.

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