Weekend Catch-Up: Birds, Protests, Polls

The news you need from the weekend.  Not much, really.  Hey, that’s reality.

And what you don’t need to know:

We’ll cover the Trump Follies later in the week.  It’s complex enough to merit a special post.  But for today…

The March in March

The March was successful in that a large crowd showed up.   Although perhaps not as large as initially reported… about 1/4 the size of initial reports.  It was unsuccessful in that it generated essentially no post-march news.  On Sunday (the day after), it was not featured above the fold on CNN, NYTimes or Fox.  And the main ABCNews article on the front page was continued bullying of those who point out that seizing guns won’t stop these events… in this case, Republican Marco Rubio.

And of course there is the point that children are, well, children. They fail to understand a lot, they’re going to make a ton of errors, and there are good reasons they aren’t allowed to vote, drink or marry.  So perhaps they aren’t the best “moral authorities.”  Except when the media likes what they have to say, of course.

CNN Covers a Fox Poll

It really was a slow news weekend!  CNN covered a Fox News poll that Fox barely covered, showing that Trump’s ratings are up.

For realible poll coverage, check out the Real Clear Politics poll pages.  They have a specific page for President Trump’s approval.

Why do you care?

The President’s ratings are likely to be a strong indicator of the midterm elections, which will either flip or retain the House of Representatives (and possibly the Senate) from Republican to Democrat.

This obsession with the polls, six months before those elections, seems a bit overwrought though.  Plus, after Hillary Clinton’s recent attacks on the middle half of America, the female/Republican quarter of America and the independence of women in general, Trump was bound to look a bit better, just by comparison.

The Swallows

The Swallows are migratory birds that migrate to and from San Juan Capistrano, arriving in Spring.  The city even has a Swallows Day Parade, which was this past Saturday.  (One reason it’s in the news.)

But the Swallows didn’t always migrate to San Juan Capistrano, and for a while, they had stopped.  They found Mission San Juan Capistrano’s spanish tile roof perfect for nesting.  When the Mission remodeled to reduce this, the swallows left.

Subsequent efforts to replace their nests have been partially successful.

Why do you care?  

Umm… only because people really like animal stories and recovery stories, so this hit the news.

Kaepernick is (not) back

Because  Johnny Manziel may be back, the grievance-sphere is awash in Kaepernick conspiracy theories, accompanied by their same old misinformation.

Some basics:

  • Kaepernick is 30, old by Q.B. standards.  Manziel is 25.
  • The Miami New Times (never trust a “New Times”; that’s a guarantee that it’s a post-fact rag) claims “Kaepernick — a young, strong, and mobile quarterback who led a team to the Super Bowl only a few years ago“.  We covered “young”… once, yes, but not now.  But what about that Super Bowl?  It was Super Bowl XLVII for the 2012 season!
    For those taking notes, we’re now in 2018.
  • The average NFL quarterback’s career is 4.4 years.  It’s been longer than that since Kaep’s Super Bowl appearance.  That’s not a completely fair number; top quarterbacks run about 12  years… which Kaep is also hitting near.  But as we’ve covered before, Kaepernick is not a “top” quarterback.  He was for a few years, and is now a washed up disaster… according to the numbers and the team statistics when he plays.

Johnny didn’t help defuse things by tweeting about it:

And O.J. Simpson, who was a football player before he became infamous, said,

“I think Colin made a mistake … The flag shouldn’t be disrespected because of what cops do. The flag represents what we want America to be.” … “it was him continuing to do it where he made the biggest mistake. I’m a firm believer of doing what you think is right, but I would always stand for the flag.”

Eric Reid, who was Colin Kaepernick’s close comrade in the protests and who is also still unsigned, has decided to either see the low or feel the heat (depending on your perspective), promising he would not kneel during games.

Why do you care?

We really wish nobody cared.  But Kaepernick has become a proxy of all that is wrong in the SJW world, where your poor performance is irrelevant as long as you remain a cause celebre.  So you care because this is water cooler talk.

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