Fast Dispatch: Updates on Updates

Reality Dispatch has reported on quite a few stories that are coming around again.  Some updates on updates:

Kaepernick and the Seahawks

For at least a month, rumors claimed the Seahawks were looking at Colin Kaepernick as a backup quarterback.  If you ignore his last two years of playing, it almost makes sense: the Seahawks are as activist a team as the NFL has – despite representing the whitest major U.S. city – and they need a backup quarterback.

But Kaep screwed it up.  The Seahawks asked him to promise to not take a kneeHe refused to promise.  So they cancelled the meeting.

This probably dooms his lawsuit over collusion.  While the extreme-left views this as proof that the NFL is colluding over the issue, it actually demonstrates that Kaep is unwilling to put the team first.  After all, how can there be collusion if the Seahawks would have interviewed and possibly hired him if only he had been willing to stick to football. (See here for our primer on Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment.  Basically, an employee does not have freedom of speech at work… which is on the field or whenever wearing the uniform, in the NFL’s case.

Sanctuary Sanity

Last week we covered a city in Orange County deciding to support the Federal law over the California law… and California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra threatening to arrest the local sheriffs.
Now several more cities have joined in; the count is now around a dozen.  Huntington Beach was the first city to sue over the law, despite Los Alamitos being the first city to vote itself exempt from the law.

Westminster, Hesperia, Orange, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo,  Yorba Linda, Aliso Viejo, Escondido, Fountain Valley and San Juan Capistrano have joined against the sanctuary law,  some by filing “Friend of the Court” briefs.

That’s a lot of heavily-armed sheriffs to arrest!

The FBI Breaks Laws, and Raids a Lawyer

We previously analyzed the FBI Memo and the follow up Memos, which were rebutted back and forth between political parties and called for an investigation into the FISA warrant.  Now the investigation of what lead up to the submittal of said FISA documents is showing that the process may have been a bit sketchy.

BOMBSHELL: Secret TEXTS Show FBI, DOJ May Have RUSHED Anti-Trump FISA Warrant

And of course, the FBI raided Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

This is a complex issue.  We’ve covered portions of it before.  Basically, right now, it looks like an FBI fishing expedition, especially in light of the revelations that the FBI hasn’t been following unbiased process.  It also raises a risk that the whole investigation may get thrown out due to the overreach.


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