Super Criminal and The National Guard, in different scenarios

Today we have a real-life super-villain and using the military on the border…

Paul Le Roux, Super Criminal

“Crime Lord” Paul Le Roux testified this week.  This doesn’t sound all that exciting until you read about it.  His testimony sounds straight out of a Hollywood action movie.  For example, three former military, one a sniper, became international hit men.  They killed a business partner in the backseat of a moving car in the Philippines.  Le Roux smuggled almost anything.

Rather than summarize it here, follow some of the links.  This made the news because, well, it is news, and it’s sensational.

UPDATE:  The three former military soldiers were convicted on April 18, 2018 of the contract killing of the Filipina real estate broker.

The National Guard on the Border

President Trump is sending the National Guard to the Mexican Border.  This is somewhat controversial to begin with, because the Democrats want open borders.  But it gets weirder…

The National Guard will be sent to defend our national border against armed drug importers… without bullets.

The folly of this was demonstrated during the 1992 Los Angeles / Rodney King riots, when the National Guard was also were deployed without bulletsTL;DR: The National Guard had consolidated their ammunition storage in Monterey, 335 miles from the afflicted portion of Los Angeles, so it took quite a while to provide ammunition.  This was made worse by Governor Wilson going public with it, stating that the “Guard forgot its bullets“, which lead rioters to believe they could not get shot.)

In this situation, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has announced that The National Guard, again unarmed,  is to “provide support” to border agents, but are not authorized to make arrests. In prior deployments, the Guard has been assigned to watching for illegal crossings and potential smuggling.

Why the National Guard?

 considers this primarily a political question, not one of fact.  The Constitution does allow for the use of the military to protect the borders; Collective defense against external threats was the primary reason why the American colonies banded together in the first place.  The U.S Constitution provides for the “…common Defence and general Welfare of the United States.”

However, this seems like a problematic approach.  Unarmed-but-uniformed forces become targets.  One lop-sided gun fight will turn this into a Trumpian disaster.



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  1. “One lop-sided gun fight will turn this into a Trumpian disaster.” That may be the point (sadly). Let the “Coyotes” or cartel enforcers shoot some guardsmen, put that on the six o’clock news and you have a recipe for putting heavily armed troops on the border. This could go hot very quickly. I wouldn’t put anything past FedGov.

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