Why No Syria, Comey or Paul Ryan Coverage?

Reality Dispatch is Where Facts Still Matter.  So how do we choose what to cover?

From a truth-unveiling perspective, there’s no there there on these topics.

Bombing Syria

This isn’t even controversial.  President Trump did something President Obama couldn’t; he held the red line after Syria used illegal chemical weapons.  For most Americans, Obama’s inability to actually do anything, or alternatively his equivocating to the point where he seldom took action, was one of his biggest failings.  Trump may be a caricature from the left’s perspective, but he doesn’t suffer analysis paralysis.

And President Trump did it with the U.K. and France.  Multi-national.  Against Russia.  Who the Democrats are still trying to paint as a Trump ally.

On the flip side, the extreme left will always find a way to call Trump unhinged, even when he’s defending the victims of a dictator’s poison gas attacks.  But these are sufficiently fringe – even the New York Times isn’t this bad – that it’s not worth debunking.

Comey vs Trump

R/D has already covered this a lot…

And more.  At this point, most people probably believe…

Why do we think most Americans believe these?  Because President Trump’s numbers (approval) are up.  (The sourced site, Mother Jones, is aggressively leftist and anti-Trump.)

Fired FBI Director James Comey has contradicted himself in writing.  And he seems to be acknowledging that they spun the Hillary Email-Gate missives to avoid complications when she (“inevitably”) became President.  President Trump has also contradicted himself, but we essentially expect that from him.  Comey was FBI Director, and is expected to be either more careful or above that.  However, most media outlets have been balanced on this issue, so there hasn’t been much muck to rake through.

Paul Ryan Not Running Again

This story pegged our topic-meter more than even Syria.  But not with much bias.  Nobody is bashing Paul Ryan.  (Well, MSNBC is, but no reputable news sources are.)

Paul Ryan has done a stunningly good job for the GOP.  He was a “wonk“, the political form of a numbers-geek.  He didn’t want to be Speaker of the House; it was essentially pushed on him due to his successes.  And he’s leaving to spend time with his family before the kids grow too far up.

Once again, there just isn’t any debate here (other than the hateful far-left, as in MSNBC.)

Blaine “Sumo” Paddle-Out

Seriously?  We’ll cover double-blue moons.  (Not a fancy form of soft cheese.  We were surprised too; it sounded tasty!)  We’ll cover grunion runs.  Even killer bees vs honey bees.  But a bunch (400) fans of a surfer who died of cancer “paddling out”?

It’s not really analysis-worthy.

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