Immigration and the Caravan

Since the midterm elections, the only significant news has been:

  • Trump is still being investigated, and Mueller has not found anything related to the purpose of the investigation yet.  He may have found some wrongdoing by some people, but those convictions/pleas were not related to the purpose of the investigation.
  • Trump seems to like trade wars, meaning launching tariffs.  So far he seems to be winning them, but it isn’t the friendliest strategy.
  • A group of “refugees” have decided that they don’t just want to flee Honduras/Guatamela , but specifically they want to flee to the U.S.  And probably gave the Republicans a huge bump in the midterms as a result.

There are other also-ran news stories: Democrats launch fake opposition to Nancy Pelosi.  The climate is warming more than expected, except that it was a math error and it’s warming less than expected, except that it depends on whose expectations.  All sorts of crap.  But the only new news continues to be the “caravan.”

Which seems subject to changing standards; what Bill Clinton and Barak Obama did (e.g. deny entrance, tear-gas rioters assaulting the border, separating parents from children due to legal requirements) is evil when Donald Trump does it.  Some of this may be because the left loves the left, some may be that standards really have changed over the last few years.

Either way, Reality/Dispatch has tried to put together a fair flowchart of the decision of letting the caravan immigrants into the U.S. Please comment below with any corrections, clarifications or disagreements… as long as they are logical.  Name-calling is the vestige of the weak-minded.


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