Tech Post: Browser Fingerprints

Websites can track you, invading your privacy, even when you’re using “incognito” private browsing and even when you are using a VPN. How can you protect yourself? A Reality Dispatch Technical Brief.

Who Is Jordan Peterson?

Jordan Peterson and his interview hit nearly every news and opinion outlet in the last two days. Who is he, and why do you care?


Hiding Amy Wax

Who is Amy Wax and why is the media sniping at each-other over her?

Politics… Leaks, Firings and Offendings

It’s back to politics… why was FBI Deputy Director McCabe fired, and how much damage has he done? Does Hillary know why she wasn’t hired? Facebook does… and they’re telling everyone but you.

Down (Syndrome) is Down

Down Syndrome has suddenly popped into the news… for multiple reasons. What’s new, and who is blaming whom?

Boycotts – Who Loses?

Reality Dispatch on boycotts:
Is the NRA likely to be hurt?  Why do these discounts even exist?
Would Delta lose more sticking with the NRA or hoping the tax cut doesn’t go away?
Do boycotts even matter?

CNN Makes The News

CNN is in the news for possibly scripting last week’s Town Hall. But did they? Or is it another case of hyper-sensitivity?

Analysis: Judicial Nominees and Race

A Top 10 List states that President Trump nominated mostly white males to the court. True… so did Obama. But is Trump more or less proportional and discriminatory than Obama? Does the list writer have a point, or just a misleading statistic?