What GOP Exodus?

The NYTimes claims the GOP is fleeing Congress. What’s the Reality? We do a full fact-check.

Tech Post: Browser Fingerprints

Websites can track you, invading your privacy, even when you’re using “incognito” private browsing and even when you are using a VPN. How can you protect yourself? A Reality Dispatch Technical Brief.

Who Is Jordan Peterson?

Jordan Peterson and his interview hit nearly every news and opinion outlet in the last two days. Who is he, and why do you care?


Impeach Trump?

The left, lead by Tom Steyer, is talking about impeaching President Trump.
This Reality Dispatch covers what impeachment is, both sides of the issue, and the likelihood of impeachment happening.

The Gothamist / DNAInfo Shutdown

Joe Ricketts shut down media sites Gothamist & DNAinfo after they voted union. Was it legal? What you need to know and why you care.