Why Reality Dispatch

For any given issue, many years ago, there used to be a set of agreed-upon facts.  We had experts who had spent their whole lives doing the research… colloquially “the math.”  These facts would be presented prior to the interpretation and opinion.

Consequently the reader would be able to understand the issues and, perhaps, be influenced by the opinion or conclusion, but it was clear where one ended and the next started.  Rather like separating the “News” section from the “Op-Ed” section.

That’s no longer the case.  Many sources blur the line between facts and opinion, between news and opinion.

For data-based scientists and engineers, this natually seemed confusing.  So we decided to address it.  Reality Dispatch takes on the current issues-of-the-day as research projects.  Our articles are light on opinion and heavy on data.

What does this really mean?

  • Reality Dispatch will give you the best data on the issues.  Very helpful before cocktail parties.
  • Reality Dispatch will often come to a conclusion on the evidence… but will explain why that is the R.D. conclusion.
  • That conclusion sometimes does not match our expectation either.  That doesn’t stop us.
  • That’s what separates Reality Dispatch from partisans and the media.